Sunday, May 23, 2010

BaByBoOpeT ShOP 1st Batch ShaWL :)

Material : 60% Viscosa , 40% Silk
Price : RM
9 (sehelai)
RM 8 sehelai ( 2 helai ke atas)

Hi there!! This is my first batch shawl :). Design2 shawl nie mmg sgt cute dan sesuai untuk org2 yg cute macam u tauu. The price is only rm 9/pc. But since this is my first product,i nak buat promo sikit, if you buy 2 pieces and more, the price is only rm 8/pc saja. Marila beli u! :)
SA1 (Purple), SA2 (Green)
1 Available, 1 Available

SA3 (Black), SA4 (Merah)
Sold, 1 Available

SA5 (Green Turqoise) , SA6 (Pink)
Sold, Sold

SA7 (Oren), SA8 (Coklat)
Sold , Sold

SA9 (Cream White), SA10 (Coklat)
Sold, Sold

SA11 (Turqoise), SA12 (Pink)
Sold , Sold

SA13 (Oren Coklat), SA14 (Hijau)
Reserved, Sold

SA15 (Purple)

Lepas ni i akan post cotton inner syria plain yg cantik utk u pakai dgn shawl2 ni k. :)


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